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are to
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New Products and Innovative Services
    New Product Development Pipeline
    Bolster IP portfolio prior to IPO
    Invention Coaching, Idea Central
    Antagonistic (Anti-Group Think) Brainstorming
    Session Facilitator
    Innovation Management
1. Electronic Sun visor - Automotive Glare
Reduction System is part of a platform

2. Solid State Light-Source LED Lighting
Fixtures with Superior Efficiency & 20 year

3. Microprocessor Controlled High
Efficiency Lighting Fixtures
    New Market Development
    New Marketing Channels
    Web Media Exposure
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We are looking for investors to finance a unique invention
investment opportunity, the Glare Stopper, electronic
sun-visor is ideal for venture capital firms in seed funding
and early stage venture capital financing. The second patent
pending invention in offering unique business opportunities
in LED lighting technology that can economically compete
today with HID and HIF lighting.