Digital Lighting Technology
* Light Sources with over 100,000 hour lifetimes  
---(over 20 years) and full lumen maintenance.
* Electronic Controllability
* Significant Energy Reduction
LED -Solid State
Light Source
Step Light
The Basics
Multiple co-incident light sources of specified characteristics provide
quanta of power and spectrum which are smoothly added or detracted

to generate a changed lighting effect.

The digital aspect arises from a sufficient progression of values,
varying by minute degrees to produce a continuum so as be
non-discernable or irrelevant to the user.

Added controllability is realized by breaking up the light-production,
into discrete, specifically aimable, and dimmable elements which can

be addressed by control electronics for the purpose of affecting the
intensity, spectrum and spatial distribution of said intensity and

The combination of controlability and discrete light sources yields a
digital lighting fixture. Without the need to replace lamps, the fixture
and lamp are combined into a single application specific lighting
device of superior lighting control and efficiency.

Photonic Addressing© takes area-specific lux & spectrum
requirements back up to the discrete electroluminescent light source
maximizing light usage.
e-Lumination© control sensors & circuitry
maximize the lighting effect.
Delivers 2.5 lumen
Power 0.12 Watt
Lifetime - 20 years  
Efficiently Deployed
Solid State Lighting
is Here Today in
Terms of Lumens
per Watt

Direct to Customer
Solution provides
Lowest Ownership
and Life Cycle Cost

Technology puts us
way out ahead of
the pack
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