YES !nvent develops products used to enhance vision while driving. The company’s resource is
a Platform Technology based on a combination of eye tracking and camera imaging of difficult-
to-see regions. The technology can be applied as a solution for improving driver night vision,
reducing driver discomfort, elimination of “blind spots” and easing of tasks such as aiming of
mirrors and parking. The first product to be produced is an anti-glare device, the "Glare Stopper"
electronic visor. It consists of a drop down, normally clear, electronic display panel attached to a
car or truck’s sun-visor. When actuated by the driver, it lessens disabling, dangerous, headlight
glare at night and blocks blinding rays at sunrise and sunset.  The proprietary technology
monitors the driver’s eyes and accordingly adjusts the electronic display to eliminate glare
sources in the field of vision.
A second-product, which takes advantage of the information concerning the eye’s behavior, is
the "Driver Alert” which predicts the onset of drowsiness, audibly questions the driver and
sounds an alarm if the operator has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Additional product lines for enhanced vehicular vision have been identified within the realm of
the technology and are part of the company’s present intellectual property base. These include
automatic mirror aiming, driver recognition, non-glare mirrors and rear, side mirror “blind spot”
vision, devices for extending the range of night vision and 3D vision for Head-UP Displays. The
final goal is to have a product mix which will provide a driver with the ability to view all visual
information in his surroundings. They are active crash-avoidance safety features that will make
driving safer for vehicles and pedestrians throughout the world.

The Glare Stopper is initially priced so as to retail below $300. It is expected that costs will
rapidly decrease by up to 35%, such that it may be sold to the broadest market below $200.
With 52 million new vehicles worldwide, the OEM market potential is over $4 billion per year.
Assuming 30% of the owners of the 1 billion vehicles driven internationally are eligible to
purchase this safety device, the potential aftermarket size is 36 billion dollars
Enhanced Vision for Vehicle
“Glare Stopper”   - Anti- Glare Electronic Sun-Visor
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