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YES !nvent Business Development Facilitators
Developing New Products and Services - Consultation
YES !Nvent can help you move
your company forward into the
next generation of product or
service that your company needs
to keep up with the changing
market place. Profitability is high
now but are you doing enough to
develop the new services and
products that are needed to meet
future profitability goals. Where
are the necessary innovations
going to come from?

At YES Invent we believe it is
going to be
You and Your staff!   
That is where most of the  
answers are. Studies conclusively
show that therein, inside your
organization lies the greatest
innovation potential. And it is the
most efficient  place for them to
come from anyway.

YES !nvent can help them and  
you bring ideas to the fore.
As an inventor I will teach, cajole,
As an inventor I will teach, cajole,
staff to work together to the
benefit of all.
 pull teeth and get
you and your
(more on new product development...)  

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New Product development (or new service development)
is what your company needs to keep up with the changing
market place.  Needed to meet future profitability goals,
the chances for success lies. Studies conclusively show
that employee creativity inside your organization offers
the greatest innovation potential.
Let us unleash your
staff's creative potential today.