Below  is one of the latest  
commercialization.  It is the
worlds first actively
controlled constant-lumen
fluorescent luminaire .
Using a microprocessor
based lamp temperature
control system,  the
enclosed lighting fixture is  
capable of providing
constant, design
illuminance over changing
environmental conditions
throughout the lamp’s
service life.
Solar  Energy
Illuminated House
One of our products
commercialized in a
About Our Business

YES INVENT is a hands-on results-oriented Business
Development Firm specializing in developing inventions and as an
investment opportunity provider allowing investors to buy into
technology in the early or seed stage.   YES INVENT's innovation
consulting will accompany your company or product through any or
all stages of product and business development: including the
improvement, protection, and commercialization of intellectual
property; preparation of business plans, execution of market
research, competitor studies, performance of strategic planning,
market expansion, partner identification, trips abroad, and trade fair

The firm is headed by Evan Spero an engineer, inventor and years
experience in inventing, developing, marketing and selling
products. Mr Spero's career path has covered most organizational
positions as he started from the ground up  filling positions from
assembly line worker to researcher to CEO.

Skills include:
§ Technical Creativity.
§ Invention on demand
§ Market & Business Strategy Formation
§ Intellectual property strategy and law.
§ Communication.
§ Negotiation.

Tools include:
§ Patent Generation and Expansion
§ Writing Business Plans
§ Designing & Performing  Spreadsheet Simulations of
Business Plans
§ Designing multimedia presentations
§ Web Advertising Campaigns
§ Excellent desktop publishing skills.
About Us
YES !nvent Business Development Facilitators